We Welcome You!

"...That my joy may be yours, and your joy may be complete"

John 15:11

Rev. James E. Dane, Pastor

Deacon Steve Seymour

St. Thomas by the Sea is the center of the diversified community of Catholics practicing their religious beliefs in the City of Orange Beach, Alabama. We are a community of a small core of permanent residents augmented by a very large transient population which is an integral part in maintaining our parish.

St. Thomas by the Sea exists for the mission of Christ. Through our baptism we share in the mission which is to live and witness to the values of the gospel.

We resolve to witness to the gospel message, by providing an adequate place of worship, by living and celebrating the word of God through our Eucharistic liturgy, prayer, study, and reflection of the Scriptures, to create and sustain a community of hospitality and friendship in order to reflect God's love in a warm and inviting atmosphere to our winter parishioners and summer visitors, to create as environment of human concern to hear and respond to the cry of those in need not only in our community, but also in our world.

Authorized by the parish council on December 11, 1997

St. Thomas by-the-Sea
Catholic Church
The Archdiocese
of Mobile


This week at St. Thomas-by-the-Sea

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SUN 12/14

8:00 am-Mass

Mass Intention: John Strenski

10:00 am -Mass

MON 12/15

9:00 am –Mass

Rosary following Mass

TUE 12/16

8:45 am—Rosary

9:00 am - Mass

Mass Intention: Jo Armstrong

RCIA 7:00 pm

WED 12/17

Men of St. Joseph

8:45 am– Rosary

9:00 am—Mass

Mass Intention: Teri Clark

We here at St. Thomas by the Sea would like to express our gratitude to our visitors.

You are an important and valued part of the life of this Parish. We appreciate your continued support, especially for our building fund, which pays for this beautiful church. Please accept a stamped, addressed envelope from our ushers and, when you return home, remember us here at your “Parish at the Beach”.

Father Jim Dane

Extraordinary Ministers, Ushers
Alter Servers & Lectors Needed
Call Pat:  (251) 981-8132

THU 12/18

8:45 am-Rosary

9:00 am– Mass

Mass Intention: David Cranston

FRI 12/19

8:45 am-Rosary

9:00 am– Mass

Mass Intention: Sandra Hanks

11:00 am Memorial Mass for Joe Grimes

SAT 12/20

4:00-4:45 pm-Confessions

5:00 pm Vigil Mass

Mass Intention: Jo Armstrong

SUN 12/21

8:00 am Mass

10:00 am Mass

Note: All weekday masses are held in the Chapel


For those interested in becoming Catholic or learning more about the Catholic Church come join us beginning Tuesday, August 19th at 7:00 p.m. in the library.


Dec. 14th.    God is My Joy

                    Share your joy that God is coming nearer.

Dec. 15th.    God is Hidden, but Near

                     Ask God to open your eyes to God’s presence.

Dec. 16th    God is Close to the Brokenhearted

                   How can I help those suffering today?

Dec. 17th      O Wisdom!

                    Ask God to teach you God’s ways.

Dec. 18th    O Leader of Israel!

                    Ask Jesus to lead you to meet him.

Dec. 19th    O Root of Jesse!

                    Share the joy of God’s presence with others.

Dec. 20th    O Key of David!

                    Ask God to open your heart to God’s presence.



Christmas Day Dinner

Christmas day, our parish family at St. Thomas will host a dinner to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, at 2:00 p.m. We are particularly hoping to provide an opportunity for people in the Orange Beach community, and for people who would otherwise be alone or not have a real Christmas meal, to gather and celebrate.  

We also hope to provide a meal to those who are unable to leave home. Contact Dennis Klein, at 251-979-7169, or the office, to let us know if you or someone you know would like to attend, as this is the first time we have done this. We need to know if there will be 20 or 200.